5 Facts You Need To Know Before Moving To Toronto

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Toronto is a city full of opportunity and a place many people call home. Maybe you’re moving from the States, a different province, or a rural part of Ontario, and you probably want to know how to do life in the big city of Toronto. You may be wondering, what makes this place so great, and maybe not so great? If you’re looking at homes for sale in Toronto, and you’re seriously considering moving here, continue reading to learn the facts you need to know before moving to Toronto. Knowing the facts you need to know before moving to Toronto will help you get your bearings quicker and to settle into life in the big city.

5 Facts to Know About Toronto

Probably at this point, you’re thinking pretty seriously about moving to Toronto and if you could see yourself living here. Below are 5 facts to know about Toronto:

Compared to other parts of Canada, Toronto is home to the most expensive real estate.

  • Toronto is a sought-after place to live, which makes the price of homes here more expensive than other places in Canada. Whether it’s the iconic neighbourhood of Casa Loma, the quaint community of Cliffcrest situated along the Scarborough Bluffs, the bustle of the Church-Yonge Corridor, or any other neighbourhood there is something appealing about Toronto that makes this metropolitan area an attractive place to live regardless of cost!

Toronto is a Beach Town.

The city of Toronto sits on the banks of Lake Ontario, which means there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the water during warmer months.  Toronto features some of the best beaches in Canada.  A few beaches to make note of are:

  • Balmy Beach Park- Created in 1903, this old park sits along the beach and has a lot to offer! You can ride along 3 different bike trails, play on two greens, bring your dog and let them run loose in a designated area, use the gymnasium or outdoor fitness equipment, play table tennis outside, or watch the kids burn off some energy at the playground!
  • Mary Curtis Park- This isn’t your traditional beach, but it is a park with its main focus being around water. This park was formed in 1950 after Hurricane Hazel almost swept away homes into Lake Ontario.  This heavily shaded beach offers a playground, wading pool, public swimming beach area, picnic areas, and trails for walking. This is an excellent beach and park for bird watching, fishing, and observing the salmon run headed to Etobicoke Creek.
  • Canada’s Sugar Beach- This beach is located at the foot of Jarvis Street near the Redpath Sugar Factory and the East Bayfront neighbourhood. This beach is remembered for its pink umbrellas and candy-striped rock outcroppings. Visitors don’t usually get in the water of Lake Ontario here, but there is a water feature for kids and adults to splash around in.

Winter in Toronto is long.

Winter in Toronto is from November to mid-March. This season is pretty cold with an average temperature of -5.5 °C in January. No worries though, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Toronto while it’s cold and snowy!

  • Tour Casa Loma Castle! This could easily become a yearly tradition with holiday events featuring twinkling lights, performances, and more!
  • Go ice skating! Toronto boasts 54 ice skating rinks and includes skate rentals. This is a favourite pastime for any day of the week!
  • Experience the Bentway Skate Trail! While we’re talking about ice skating, this trail is a cross-country style skating experience you won’t want to miss!
  • Stay warm inside any of Toronto’s museums! If you just can’t bear much of the cold, Toronto has several museums that are worth checking out, including, the Hockey Hall of Fame, Museum of Illusions, Ontario Science Centre, and more!


There is an Underground City- PATH System.

  • The PATH is an underground network of pedestrian walkways that stretches more than 30 kilometres and, according to the Guinness World Records, is the largest shopping centre in the world! This underground city offers 1,200 retail outlets and is connected to over 50 buildings with 125 entrances! This underground city offers restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, hotels, services like DR’S offices and spas, as well as entertainment.
  • This place is particularly attractive during the cold winter months as it keeps people out of the elements while still going about their daily lives. You could literally leave your home, drive to Toronto centre, park in a garage connected to the path, head underground for all your errands, get back in your car, and head home all without stepping foot outside in the blistering cold!
  • Lastly, an interesting fact about the PATH is that it’s also home to the Stanley Cup!

Niagara Falls is close by.

  • This may seem silly, but it’s worth mentioning! Niagara Falls is a remarkable landmark known for its multiple giant waterfalls in one location. This place is pretty spectacular to see and offers a lot of entertainment in the surrounding area. Niagara Falls is just over an hour and a half away and would make a great day trip or weekend getaway!