8 Toronto Condos with the Best Pools

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When summer hits Toronto, everyone flocks to the beaches on Lake Ontario or soaks in their backyard pools. For those of us living the condo life, it’s easy to feel left out, especially if you’d rather not deal with the crowds or the commute to the best beaches near Toronto. Fortunately, Toronto condos have some amazing pools that are perfect for staying cool on the hottest summer days. Here’s a quick look at the Toronto condos with the best pools. Be sure to check them out when the heat rolls around or whenever you’re looking for a new condo for sale in Toronto.

The Thompson Hotel & Residences

Located close to downtown and within sight of the CN tower, the Thompson Hotel offers luxury condos for sale within walking distance of the nightlife that Toronto is known for. The rooftop pool is a huge plus, offering spectacular views of Victoria Park, Lake Ontario, and the Toronto skyline. Come swim in the coolness of the morning or bask in the sun at midday in between zoom meetings, the choice is yours.

300 Front Street West

These sky high condos will have you living in the space age. 300 Front Street West is a modern building with a sleek glassy look and an unbeatable location. Residents here live a mere three blocks away from the center of all the Toronto action. 300 Front Street West also has one of the best rooftop pools in the city. You’ll feel like you’re swimming in the sky, with downtown towers rising up around you. There are also plenty of chances to sunbathe in the reclining chairs that line the pool.

Pure Spirit Condos

Located to the east of downtown and near the waterfront, Pure Spirit Condos gives its residents enough space to themselves while also keeping them near the bustle of the city. Right in the heart of the Distillery District, this is the upper end of Toronto condos for sale and for good reason. The location is unbeatable, with dozens and dozens of great restaurants to explore within a five block radius. And the poolis unique;it’s shaded by a wrap-around stone pergola and has a view not just of the Toronto skyline but parliament square park as well, offering a great mix of gray and green.

Bisha Residences and Hotel

There’s something exciting about hotels – something exotic. Maybe it’s the chance to reinvent yourself in a new room high above a new city. Living in a hotel takes all that excitement and ratchets it up to a whole other level, and the Bisha is an experience unlike any other! You can schmooze with the guests in the hotel restaurant, but unlike them you don’t have to check out! It also has one of the highest rooftop pools in the city. If you’re afraid of heights you might want to swim at your own risk, because the pool sits right at the edge of the building.

Fashion House Condos

Located in the fashion district of Toronto, Fashion House Condos live up to their name. Get out from under the shadows of downtown skyscrapers and enjoy the sunshine of this midrise building. One of the nicest things about Fashion House is the pool, some fifteen metres wide, with plenty of exposure for residents to soak up the sun in the summer and get a rare Ontario tan by doing it.

Rise Condominiums

Situated in the fashionable Casa Loma neighbourhood, Rise Condominiums soars 22 storeys high above Toronto, exuding elegance and architectural excellence with every metre. Take a walk around the neighbourhood in the fall and see the jaw-dropping Casa Loma house itself. And when the weather gets hot, swimming in a 15-metre pool high over the snazziest neighbourhood in Toronto sounds like a perfect way to spend a summer day. We’re sure Rise residents would agree.  As the name implies, the condo values are also rising, which makes this building even better.

X Condominium

Up towards the northern limit of Toronto’s downtown, X Condominium is a spire of glass and steel, a physical exclamation point in its otherwise low-key neighborhood. Clean, sleek, and modern, anyone looking for a condo for sale in Toronto will want to put this place on their wish list. With a beautiful pool space perfect for weekend barbecues, residents will find their summers at X Condominium to be a blast.

Theatre Park Condo

Located just off the heart of downtown Toronto, Theatre Park Condo is the perfect place for any young person moving into the city. After 40+ storeys, you’ll have no problem getting a great view of the rest of downtown, Lake Ontario, and more. Theatre Park’s pool patio is one of the nicest in Toronto, and not too high up for those of you who worry about vertigo.