Condos with the Best Amenities in Toronto

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Condos are a hot commodity right now, especially in a city like Toronto. Between the convenience of living in the middle of the city and the exclusivity that condos offer, they are a popular choice for many students, young professionals, and young families. However, everyone knows that the amenities are truly what set condos apart from other property types. From pools to rock climbing walls to yoga studios, the innovation of condo amenities is enough to tempt anyone.

In this article, we are walking through the condos for sale in Toronto with the best amenities. If you are on the hunt for condos for sale in Toronto and are looking for spectacular amenities, look no further! Your condo amenities guide is right here!

Condos With the Best Pools

The number one amenity many look for in condos is a great pool. The standard for condos in Toronto includes a rooftop pool, and if they don’t meet that, they are running behind. But what about the condos that go the extra mile to add a little something special to their pool area for residents? Read below to find out our top picks:

Fashion House

This mid-rise condo is settled in the fashion district of Toronto and features a rooftop pool with a stunning skyline view. This pool not only has a sleek and modern design, but there are plenty of lounge chairs, tables, and umbrellas to relax under during those super sunny days. As a rooftop pool, there is plenty of sun exposure to go around.

Shangri La

Another luxurious option, Shangri La, features a health club with a state-of-the-art, 20-metre pool. The ceiling above the water is made of gorgeous glass and the surrounding area is complete with cascading water features. You’ll feel totally at ease when unwinding through the calming sounds of falling water and sights of beautiful candle-lit walls. In the same health club, Shangri La offers a whirlpool with panoramic views of Toronto. Surrounded by private cabanas with built-in televisions, this pool area gives you a staycation right here in the GTA.

Condos with the Best Relaxation Zones

Speaking of relaxing, many condos in Toronto are now complete with zen meditation spots. Whether you need a quiet place to unwind at the end of the day or a designated spot to enhance your yoga or pilates practice, the following condos will suit you well.

Festival Tower

This unique condominium in Toronto features amazing amenities, but their meditation garden is the most notable. This serene space offers an escape from the stresses of everyday life. With a calming atmosphere, ample space, and a variety of meditation spots, this is a unique location to centre yourself and breathe out the toxins of the day. If that’s not relaxing enough, the spa treatment rooms with his and hers saunas are just feet away.

The Vanguard

If you are looking for a condo that reflects earthiness and simplicity, look no further than the Vanguard. Their indoor/outdoor yoga studio offers a calming space for residents to practice their yoga skills and meditate to their soul’s desire. Known for its exceptional noise reduction, The Vanguard proves to be one of the most relaxing areas of Toronto. Hungry after your pilates workout? Drop by the rooftop vegetable garden and grab some fresh veggies for your post-workout meal.

Condos with the Best Workout Spots

Working out is often a crucial part of people’s everyday routine. It only makes sense that the place you live in provides a convenient way to continue that habit. Many Toronto condos for sale boast top-notch workout facilities, but here are our favourites:

EI8HTY8 Condos

With a state-of-the-art workout facility and expansive outdoor pool, there are a number of ways to get your blood pumping at EI8HTY8. Not only are there several of each machine, including ellipticals, treadmills, lat pulldown machines, seated leg curl machines, and more, but there are also floor-to-ceiling windows, free weights, and even TRX apparatuses. You’ll have no problem finding a variety of workouts to partake in at EI8HTY8 Condos, and after you’re finished, you can cool off with a dip in the pool.


Nothing says motivation like working out with the perfect view of the Toronto skyline. 159SW is located at Sherbourne and Wellesley, and it overlooks downtown. Their picturesque workout spot on the fifth floor is complete with an outdoor running track, an indoor fitness floor, and outdoor fitness circuits. Rain or shine, you’ll have no excuse not to get up and get active when living at 159SW.

Condos with the Best Pet-Friendly Places

Let’s face it, home is where the pets are. For many people, where they live entirely depends on how well their pets will be treated. These Toronto pet-friendly condos understand how to truly pamper your furry friends and aim to make them feel just as at home as you do.

Liberty Market Lofts

Settled in the centre of King Street West’s Liberty Village, Liberty Market Lofts are great for pet owners. Not only is there an abundance of greenery surrounding the building, but these lofts have a pet spa station where you can groom and pamper your pet to your heart’s desire. Not only do you not have to go far to walk your dog, but there are no appointments or commutes needed when it’s time to give them a bath. Your pooch is sure to feel right at home.

The Livmore

On the 5th floor of The Livmore, you’ll find all your pet needs in one space. The dog spa features state-of-the-art washing and grooming stations, and right outside is a fully-turfed dog walk area. There is no better place to let your pup roam free than this outdoor play area, as it is complete with fire hydrants, fresh air, and amazing views.

Condos with the Most Unique Amenities

Lastly, there are some condos in Toronto with amenities that are unlike any other. There is no better way to impress friends and family than by showing them your personal movie theatre or rock climbing gym. Here are some condos with some truly unique amenities:

Line 5

You can experience an outdoor movie theatre experience anytime at Line 5 Condos. The rooftop movie theatre is perfect for a romantic date or a fun family night in. Complete with couches, tables, chairs, and a large projector screen, this is the most comfortable spot to catch a new flick. Afraid of the blistering cold in the fall and wintertime? Fire pits are spread out everywhere to keep you warm on chilly autumn nights.

The Logan

Located in Riverdale, this boutique condo gives residents access to 2,000 square feet of greenery and gardens. The Logan’s rooftop garden has community gardens and patio space for a relaxing evening in the fresh air. Each individual patio on the roof is complete with a table and a grill, and some of them even feature hammocks or umbrellas to keep things cool. If you love fresh produce and want a place to grow your own garden, The Logan is perfect for you.

High Park Residences

Rock climbers, listen up! High Park Residences live up to its name, with a two-storey rock climbing wall for residents directly in the building. Overlooking the beautiful High Park, this condo allows residents to practice their climbing skills in the comfort of their own home.

Condos With the Best Amenities in Toronto

No matter what your desired amenities are or what your lifestyle entails, you are sure to find the perfect fit for you at one of the condos in Toronto. Between the condos on this list and the countless others to choose from in Toronto, home sweet home could possibly be just a click away.