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About Dauphin, MB

Dauphin is a welcoming community surrounded by rich and fertile farming land, natural beauty, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. It sits in Manitoba’s most scenic region, known as the Parkland. Dauphin is nestled on the edge of Riding Mountain National Park, and it’s surrounded by two of the world’s largest freshwater lakes: Lake Winnipegosis and Lake Manitoba. The region has a rich history, which includes the settlement of many Ukrainian communities. With several Ukrainian churches and parishes in the area, the community is well-represented in Dauphin, as it is in much of Manitoba. 

Located in Western Canada, Dauphin’s population consists of a little over 8,000 people. Dauphin boasts many small businesses and their unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Its rural location allows for an excellent place to start a business and support other locally-owned businesses. Their economy consists of the agricultural production of wheat, canola, and other grains. Dauphin’s economy is further boosted by many businesses that are based there or have warehouses in the surrounding areas. These include: Richardson Pioneer, Cargill Canada, and Omnitrax.

The city has a lot to offer with their local events like the Manitoba Summer Games and Dauphin’s Countryfest. Dauphin offers street fairs, world-renowned music, cultural festivals, and fantastic sporting events. There is truly something for everyone in Dauphin whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, weekend warrior, or just looking for family fun. Dauphin is a cultural haven and proud of its historical buildings that cater to both the young and old. The Fort Dauphin Museum will take you back in time as soon as you walk through its palisade walls, while the Historic Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection is a prairie cathedral that will leave you breathless. Dauphin provides amazing views of the city and even more spectacular views from Prospect Park. In town you’ll find family events like Canada Day as well as some other great activities for locals to enjoy.

The real estate market in Dauphin has been a great area for people who have moved here from around the world. This is due to its friendly environment, and affordability of housing for newcomers. The average house price in the area is $190,000, and the majority of homes you’ll find here are single-family, with a couple of neighborhoods boasting luxury homes.

Dauphin Transportation

Dauphin isn’t very large, so if you’re driving it’s easy to get around. With a car, you’ll easily be able to explore everywhere. If you don’t have your own car, there are also some public transit systems that can take you to different parts of the city. The Dauphin city council operates public transit bus routes to make sure that you can get from A to B easily and inexpensively. There are many taxi services available too. As far as walking around the city, Dauphin’s size makes it easy to stroll from place to place. If you need to travel throughout Canada, the Lt. Col W.G Billy Barker Airport will get you where you want to go!

Distance to Nearby Cities

  • 167km (104 miles) to Brandon
  • 275km (170 miles) to the US Border
  • 312km (203 miles) to Winnipeg
  • 360km (224 miles) to Regina

Things To Do in Dauphin, MB

When you move to Dauphin, you’ll find yourself with plenty of options for how to spend your day. From parks to galleries to museums, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. Here are some of the top spots to visit in Dauphin:

  1. Fort Dauphin Museum
    • The Fort Dauphin Museum offers visitors a chance to explore the history of this once-thriving Hudson Bay Company post. The fort is more than 150 years old, and includes historical artifacts and information about life in the 1800s.
  2. Ukranian Heritage Village
    • The Ukrainian Heritage Village is a living history museum that takes people back to the early 20th century. Learn about the culture and heritage of the first Ukrainian Canadians through guided tours, demonstrations, special events, and seasonal celebrations.
  3. Vermillion River Trail
    • The Vermillion River Trail is a beautiful 3.5 kilometre stretch of paved pathway that runs alongside the city’s namesake river. Peppered with beautiful green spaces, it makes for an excellent place to walk and enjoy nature.
  4. Ukranian Catholic Church of the Resurrection
    • The Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection offers visitors a close-up look at this beautiful building. The church is 100 years old and has a unique style that blends modern and traditional design elements. Inside its walls, you’ll find paintings that date back to 1937.
  5. Watson Art Centre
    • The Watson Art Centre is a community gallery that features rotating displays of original artwork. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and other types of media are on display throughout the year. Gallery events also feature live music and a chance to meet local artists.
  6. Dauphin Rail Museum
    • If trains are your thing, the Dauphin Railway Museum is a great place to learn more about the railway. The museum has displays of historic locomotives and train cars, as well as interpretive exhibits that chronicle rail history on the Prairies.
  7. Ukranian Centennial Memorial Park
    • This historical park is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about the Ukrainian pioneers who helped shape Dauphin. The memorial includes monuments to notable people, as well as information about unique community events and traditions.
  8. Dauphin Courthouse
    • This beautiful brick building is over 100 years old. Step inside and you’ll find a wealth of information about the city’s history, which is documented on the building’s interpretive signs.
  9. Trembowla Cross of Freedom Museum
    • This small museum has exhibits that tell the story of a cross erected to honour WWI soldiers from Manitoba who died in battle. The cross is located at Trembowla, just outside Dauphin, and features interpretive displays that chronicle the history of Canada’s war efforts.
  10. Dauphin Lake Rentals
    • If you want to enjoy water sports, this is the place for you! Dauphin Lake Rentals has everything you need for a fun-filled day on the lake. Canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards are available at competitive rates.

Dauphin Day Trips

When you have a day or weekend off, take advantage of Dauphin’s prime location to see all that Manitoba has to offer. There are several fun day trips within a few hours of home that will satisfy your travel bug. Here are some favourites:

  1. Duck Mountain Provincial Park
    • This is a true wilderness park, so bring your hiking shoes and be prepared to get a little muddy. Miles of trails wind through the park’s iconic wetlands and forests, offering visitors incredible opportunities to see wildlife up close. You’ll also find plenty of fishing spots along the way. Just about 2 hours from Dauphin, this park is a must for anyone who loves the outdoors.
  2. Riding Mountain National Park
    • Riding Mountain National Park is a must-see for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. This massive park has plenty of hiking and biking trails and scenic drives. In winter, it’s a Mecca for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Hike and bike your way through the park’s woodland trails to find ancient rock formations, wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. The town of Wasagaming is a good place to stop and eat after a day of exploring.
  3. Baldy Mountain
    • In need of some thrills? Baldy is your ticket! Located about 2 hours from Dauphin, this ski hill features a terrain park and acres of slopes for all skill levels. Baldy also offers lessons and has an indoor climbing wall. As the highest peak in Manitoba, Baldy Mountain will give you a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll be talking about for days. The top of the mountain has a great view of Lake Winnipeg to the west and Riding Mountains National Park to the east.