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About Flin Flon, MB

Flin Flon is a bustling northern community in the middle of nature’s magnificence. Located north of the 54th parallel, it has an extraordinary landscape because it was built on an old volcanic belt. This belt was formed millions of years ago by underwater volcanic eruptions, and these intense eruptions and multiple episodes of glaciations left Flin Flon with the unique landscape that it boasts today.

Flin Flon got its unique name from a combination of fact and fiction. In the year 1914, Tom Creighton and David Collins were exploring the northern frontiers of Manitoba and stumbled upon a book on one of the trails. The book inspired Creighton to name the city after the main character – Josiah Flintbbatey Flonatin. Flin Flon remains the only city in the world named after a science fiction character, and there is a statue of the city’s namesake at the Tourist Park and Campground.

The recreational opportunities in Flin Flon and the surrounding area are wide-ranging, providing a fantastic array of programs, leisure activities, organizations, events, and facilities for people to enjoy. The town is full of amenities like The Flin Flon Tourist Park and Campground, Bakers Narrows Provincial Park, fine restaurants, nightspots, scenic trails, boardwalk lake, and a golf course. Flin Flon offers many activities for nature enthusiasts such as hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. The friendly environment and relaxed atmosphere provide people with a quality of life that allows them to enjoy all the recreational opportunities available in and around this prosperous centre. 

All the above activities work together to make Flin Flon a great place to reside. Not only is it an enjoyable city to live in, but it has also been ranked as one of Canada’s most affordable cities, with the average home price being $98,000. The city also offers many opportunities for living, including luxurious condominium units and single-family homes across the area. 

The Flin Flon School Division offers educational opportunities for families of all needs and desires. From K-12 schools to adult learning centres to post-secondary education, Flin Flon offers in-person and virtual schooling options for all. If you’re looking for employment in Flin Flon, the city offers plenty of different industries to work in. Flin Flon’s economy is primarily fuelled by mining, with three mining companies operating in Flin Flon. There are also opportunities for employment in tourism, education, recreation, service, and manufacturing industries. The Service Canada Centre on Main Street is there to help you with anything you’ll need in terms of finding a job.

Flin Flon Transportation

Getting around Flin Flon is as easy as it can be, thanks to the wide array of transportation options available. A car is a great option if you want to explore more of Flin Flon’s picturesque countryside, and the Trans-Canada Highway that runs through Flin Flon makes it easy for drivers to get around. Public transport in Flin Flon is reliable and economical, with bus service running from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Saturday and 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM on Sundays. You can also take a taxi cab or use Flin Flon’s local bike share program, which offers rentals for the day. The best way to fly in and out of the city is to take off from Flin Flon Airport, about 15km from the city centre. 

Distance to Nearby Cities

  • 421km (268 miles) to Saskatoon
  • 629km (391 miles) to Winnipeg
  • 767km (476 miles) to Edmonton
  • 913km (567 miles) to Calgary

Things To Do in Flin Flon, MB

Flin Flon’s activities are just as unique as its name. Most of the attractions around the area reflect the city’s close-knit and quirky community. Get to know your new home city by checking out these top Flin Flon spots:

  1. Bakers Narrows Provincial Park
    • Bakers Narrows Provincial Park is Manitoba’s largest park, and has many sights to see. Feeling like you’re on top of the world, you can go camping in this stunning area that features majestic cliffs, deep blue waters filled with fish, wildlife like moose and bald eagles, and a floating barge boardwalk made of local birchwood.
  2. Flintabbatey Flonatin Statue
    • Many people may already know Flin Flon as the namesake to Flintabbatey Flonatin, a fictional character from a series of children’s science fiction books. This famous statue takes on an almost lifelike appearance and is located downtown for all residents and visitors to admire.
  3. Flin Flon Station Museum
    • A historical landmark in Flin Flon, this museum showcases the town’s rich history. There are many artifacts and photos of the past to be seen here, including a video showing how the mines work. if you want to learn more about how Flin Flon became what it is today, be sure to visit the Station Museum. 
  4. 100 Stairs
    • Flin Flon’s 100 Stairs have become synonymous with the town. Even though they aren’t actually 100 stairs—they’re 91!—the locals and tourists alike consider them a symbol of Flin Flon. The staircase is part of the Harbour Terminal Building that was built over 50 years ago and had many purposes, including as a terminal for ore boats.
  5. Flin Flon Wildlife Sanctuary
    • If you’re looking for a place to get up close and personal with the Flin Flon wilderness, travel about 20km out of town to visit the Flin Flon Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll see many animals roaming freely in their natural habitat, including bison, deer, elk, and more.
  6. Neighbours of the North Park
    • Flin Flon is home to many other parks that are popular destinations for locals and visitors. Neighbours of the North Park, located downtown, offer outdoor activities like bocce ball courts, horseshoe pits, and lawn games.
  7. Flinty’s Boardwalk and Hiking Trail
    • For all the sightseers looking to get a different view of Flin Flon, Flinty’s Boardwalk and Hiking Trail is an excellent place to be. Located right near Bakers Narrows Provincial Park, this stunning area features beautiful views and a beautifully-sculpted lookout that you’ll definitely want to check out.
  8. Northern Visual Arts Centre
    • Arts and culture are alive in Flin Flon. One great place to check out is the Northern Visual Arts Centre, a community hub that offers art classes for all skill levels as well as hosting many events throughout the year. You can even learn how to make your own pair of moccasins!
  9. Flin Flon Ski Club and Cross Country Trails
    • Want to spend time in the snow? The Flin Flon Ski Club and Cross Country Trails are popular spots for skiing, snowshoeing, and other activities in the winter. The trails also get packed with cross country skiers during the fall months.
  10. Big Island Drive In Movie Theatre
    • Revive the movie-going experience with a trip to Big Island Drive In Movie Theatre. You can watch movies and catch up on Flin Flon news while enjoying delicious food from its concession stand, which even sells popcorn by the bucket!

Flin Flon Day Trips

Feeling like exploring outside the city? Flin Flon is close to many iconic day trip destinations in Manitoba. Whether you are looking for new local businesses or want to escape to a new nature spot, here are some of our favourite places to visit from Flin Flon:

  1. Deschambault Lake Provincial Park
    • Want to get out on the water? How about a trip to Deschambault Lake Provincial Park, which is located on Manitoba’s largest lake! You can go fishing, boating and camping here all year round. Just an hour and 45 minutes from Flin Flon, Deschambault Lake Provincial Park is one of the greenest and most beautiful places to visit. The park’s forests are filled with colourful trees and there are many great spots along the lake to admire views of nature in its finest. The best time of year to visit the park is in the summer, so you can enjoy the outdoors and do some camping.
  2. The Pas, Canada
    • About two hours from Flin Flon is The Pas, a city that was built for miners and originally called “Crossroads.” In the early 1980s, there were about 10,000 people living in The Pas. Today, you can still visit this historic area to see what life was like in the communities that were built here. There are plenty of places to stay and restaurants to eat at, like the Black Knight Inn or The Pas Hotel Suites and Conference Centre. If you’re looking to see some Canadian history, this is the day trip for you!
  3. Spruce Woods Provincial Park
    • Just about 20 minutes from Flin Flon, this provincial park is a quick and easy day trip. Spend a day out on the water and visit Manitoba’s little Spruce Woods Provincial Park. The lake used to be home to a mine, but now it is an opportunity for campers to go canoeing and fishing. With direct access to Lake Manitoba, this park is filled with interesting features that will definitely leave you feeling refreshed. Plan your trip during the summer months, so you can enjoy some time in the sun.