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If you enjoy small-town living and a slow-paced lifestyle, look no further than Chatham-Kent. This city is suited for those willing to skip out on the newest nightclubs and spend their days soaking in the wide-open space around them. With plenty of fishing, hiking, sunbathing, and swimming to go around, nature is everywhere in Chatham-Kent. As opposed to other homes for sale in Ontario, especially those in the GTA, Chatham-Kent provides plenty of land and square footage. You’ll likely go to the same places day after day, but if you have a deep appreciation for the simple things in life, Chatham-Kent is your spot.

Homes For Sale In Chatham-Kent, ON

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Chatham-Kent, ON Real Estate Market

Chatham-Kent is one of the most affordable cities in Ontario, especially when it comes to real estate. With that said, Chatham-Kent is no longer a hidden gem, and people are flocking to the city for a lower cost of living. This mixture of increased population and stagnant house supply has caused home prices to skyrocket over the past few years.

Still, with prices rising over the past 3-5 years, the average home purchase price in 2021 was $419,865. That is less than half of the average home price in the Greater Toronto Area. Most of the homes in Chatham-Kent come with considerable plots of land. You’ll even find beach homes for sale in Chatham-Kent with impeccable views of Lake Erie.

You’ll mostly find single-family homes in Chatham-Kent, as the city doesn’t see a lot of redevelopments like condos or townhomes. However, more single-family homes are being added in 2022, so keep a close eye on the market, and you are sure to find a home that you love!

Chatham-Kent Average Property Prices

Average home price: $420K

Chatham-Kent Neighbourhoods

There are a total of 27 Chatham-Kent neighbourhoods to look through when searching for a home. If you prefer to be closer to your neighbours, there’s a neighbourhood for that! If you want more land, there’s one for that too! Here are some of the top neighbourhoods in Chatham-Kent:


Interested in making a small-town feel even smaller? Bothwell is where you want to be! Bothwell features a number of historic sites, a museum, a skate park, athletic fields, and a lot of agricultural businesses. If you want to live within walking distance of a “pick-your-own” blueberry farm and Christmas Tree farms, Bothwell can give you that.


The Erieau neighbourhood is the ideal place for beach-lovers who love to stay active. Nestled along the beautiful Lake Erie, Erieau residents have the advantage of walking trails, nature preserves, and water sport opportunities at their fingertips. Wintertime even brings ice skating on the bayside, so no matter what season you’re in there is always something to do here.


The geographic centre and namesake of Chatham-Kent, Chatham is a larger neighbourhood that feels as urban as Chatham-Kent can get. The downtown area is joined by a gorgeous view of the Thames River, and it’s where you’ll find most of the boutiques, cafes, and shops in the area. If you want the affordable quality of life but love having access to amenities, downtown Chatham is your ideal location.


Tilbury is the suburban peak of Chatham-Kent. Families in the area often choose Tilbury for the public schools and the close-knit community. There are plenty of events held in Tilbury year-round, as well as a plethora of parks, an outdoor pool, a skate park, and a drive-in theatre!

Chatham-Kent Schools In Ontario

Chatham-Kent offers two anglophone school boards and one francophone school board: the Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB), the St. Clair Catholic District School Board, and the Conseil scolaire Catholique Providence (CSCProvidence). The LKDSB provides 53 elementary schools and 13 secondary schools to choose from, and the St. Clair Catholic District School Board offers 26 elementary schools and two secondary schools. Whether you want to send your kids to public school, private school, a school with religious affiliation, or a french-immersion school, Chatham-Kent is sure to have the perfect option for you.

Here are some of the schools you’ll find in Chatham-Kent:

Junior Elementary Schools (K-8)

  • Tilbury Area Public School
  • King George VI Public School
  • Thamesville Area Central Public School
  • McNaughton Avenue Public School
  • Bridgeview Public School

Secondary Schools (9-12)

  • Chatham-Kent Secondary School
  • Tilbury District High School
  • Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School
  • Ridgetown District High School

Post-Secondary Institutions

  • St. Clair College
  • University of Guelph (Ridgetown Campus)

Chatham-Kent Real Estate FAQs

What postal codes are in Chatham-Kent, ON?

The postal codes in Chatham-Kent include:

  • Chatham-Kent Northwest: N7L
  • Chatham-Kent Southeast: N7M

Where is the nearest commercial airport in Chatham-Kent, ON?

Windsor International Airport is 76km (about an hour) from Chatham-Kent.

How Far is Toronto From Chatham-Kent?

Toronto is a 3-hour-and-15-minute drive from Chatham-Kent, so try to give yourself some time when travelling into the city.

What is The Average House Price in Chatham-Kent, ON?

The average price for single-family homes for sale in Chatham-Kent is around $420K.

Living In Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Living in Chatham-Kent is not for city folk; it’s for those whose favourite activity is soaking in the fresh air and possibly hopping on a boat to catch some fish while they’re at it. A typical day could consist of eating at a local restaurant for breakfast before heading out to hike through a provincial park or packing up to scope out a place to camp for the night.

For those more keen on staying on paved ground, downtown Chatham has a number of shops, eateries, cafes, and amenities to keep you occupied – most notably, the Capitol Theatre. Head to some of the outlying Chatham-Kent suburbs for local events and a change of scenery. From the Winter Mini ARTcrawl to the Chatham-Kent Poutine Feast, there’s no better way to get to know the neighbours quite like checking out town festivities.

Chatham-Kent Jobs

The automotive industry is the top-dawg in Chatham-Kent, and it always has been. Since its roots began with Gray-Dort Motors Ltd., one of Canada’s first automobile manufacturers, Chatham-Kent has been a leader in the automotive sector. With auto-plants like Autoliv Canada, Mahle, KSR, and Dana Canada scattered across the city, Chatham-Kent has abundant opportunities for anyone interested in the auto field. Other prominent industries in the city include the mining, manufacturing, and food processing sectors.

Chatham-Kent Transportation

Situated just off of Highway 401, Chatham-Kent is located in as strategic of a spot as it could be. Residents of the area have easy access to Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor, and several other top Ontario cities. If you have your own vehicle, this highway allows you to commute in and out of the city for work, play, and travel. However, if you rely on public transportation, CK Transit provides buses with several different routes. The CK buses can bring you anywhere from the beaches to the city centre. If you want a faster way into Toronto or Windsor, Chatham Station has a light-rail service running between the cities four  times daily.

Distance to Major Cities

Things To Do In Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Chatham-Kent is a smaller town, so you may have to bring some imagination to the table when coming up with new things to do. However, there are still a lot of places to start. Here are some of the top ways to spend your days in Chatham-Kent, ON:

  • Sunbathe on the Beach– Lucky for residents, Chatham-Kent is located a hop away from some beautiful beaches, mostly along Lake Erie. Some of our favourites include Clearville Park, Erieau, Mitchell’s Bay, Rondeau Provincial Park, and Wheatley Provincial Park.
  • Catch Some Fresh Fish– Chatham-Kent offers several great places to catch some fish along Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie. In addition to casual days out on the water, you can join the Great Erie Salmon and Walleye Hunt every July or participate in the Canadian Tire Mitchell’s Bay Open.
  • Try the Local Brews– While the nightlife in Chatham-Kent isn’t always hoppin’, the area has some excellent breweries and even an award-winning winery! Check out Sons of Kent brewery after work with some friends, or plan a weekend trip to the Early Acres Estate Winery for a relaxing day out.
  • Take a Hike– One thing Chatham-Kent has plenty of is space to explore. Between its many beaches and provincial parks, you’ll likely never run out of hiking spots. Rondeau Provincial Park has some of our favourites, including South Point Trail, Spicebush Trail, and Harrison Trail.
  • Buy and Restore a Vintage Car from RM Auctions– This may be a little niche, but there’s no way to celebrate Chatham-Kent’s automotive history like restoring vintage vehicles. RM Auctions is an auction house that specializes in vintage cars. If you snag one, you can restore it yourself or send it to RM Restorations, and they will make it shine like new!
  • Go Wildlife Watching at a Nature Preserve– Wheatley Provincial Park and Rondeau Provincial Park are two of the best places to watch birds of all sorts. From Canada Geese to Wood Ducks and Mourning Doves, Chatham-Kent provides excellent activities for birding enthusiasts.
  • See a Show at Chatham Capitol Theatre– One of the most historic buildings in the city, this theatre provides you with a blast from the past while enjoying a live performance. Located in the heart of downtown Chatham, the Capitol Theatre hosts over 100 performances a year, so there’s always something new to see.
  • Catch a Glimpse of History at Buxton National Historic Site– Another crucial piece of history is located right here in Chatham-Kent. The Buxton National Historic Site is the original site of the Elgin Settlement, a terminus on the Underground Railroad. Now a museum, this site allows visitors to learn about the emotional past from experienced locals or through self-guided tours.
  • Browse the Masterpieces of the Thames Art Gallery– The Thames Art Gallery is a must-see for art lovers. This gallery features rotating exhibits from local and international artists, including virtual exhibitions!
  • Go Antiquing at Birdie’s Nest– If you like to browse for unique treasures from around the world, look no further than Birdie’s Nest. This charming gift shop has everything from trinkets to scarves to handmade jewellery, and there are plenty of new things to find on a regular basis.

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