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Searching for Sarnia real estate has never been easier. View our Sarnia real estate listings below and find the Sarnia home of your dreams. Alternatively, you can search for all the homes for sale in Sarnia by using the search bar and filters. Sarnia is a city located right on the shores of Lake Huron. It also shares a border with Michigan and has a continuously growing population year after year. Sarnia enjoys a low rate of unemployment, has one of the best school systems in Ontario, and is rapidly becoming more and more popular as a city to call home. For a look at all things Sarnia, read more below.

Sarnia, ON
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Single Family Home For Sale
1142 Willa Drive
Sarnia, ON N7S1T4
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Single Family Home For Sale
1316 Blackwell Road
Sarnia, ON N7S3Y2
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Townhouse For Sale
2057 Lanark Court
Sarnia, ON N7S4E2
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Single Family Home For Sale
107 Talfourd Street
Sarnia, ON N7T1N3
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Single Family Home For Sale
1982 Blackwell Road
Sarnia, ON N7T7H4

More About Sarnia Real Estate

Sarnia History

Sarnia’s early beginnings often surrounded the city as an excellent fishing region. Sarnia’s location alone makes it a prime choice for fishing, boating, and hunting, even to this day. For those not into fishing, Sarnia has much to do in the way of hiking, sightseeing, and wildlife watching. Real estate in Sarnia’s downtown waterfront is a bustling area attracting tourists from all over. Sarnia’s charming architecture coupled with outdoor sites such as Centennial Beach and Sabin Point Bird Observatory makes it a place that caters to tourists and residents alike. The downtown area in Sarnia is home to Sarnia’s many restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Sarnia has something for everyone in the way of entertainment whether you’re into sports, comedy, or just a quiet night out on the town. One of Sarnia’s most loved locations is Sarnia Bay which is Sarnia’s main attraction and landmark. Sarnia Bay comprises Sarnia’s downtown waterfront which offers beautiful views of both Sarnia and Lake Huron. Sarnia Bay has many events such as concerts, festivals, parades, and boat shows that occur all summer long.

Education In Sarnia

Sarnia has two universities: St Clair College, which offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and Royal Military College, which combines degree programs with military discipline and training. If you’re looking for employment opportunities in Sarnia, there are many manufacturing jobs such as the chemical plants of Dow Chemical Company and Shell Canada Products LP. The area is also home to a number of energy and infrastructure companies such as Sarnia-Lambton Energy, Sarnian Construction, and Sarnia Imperial Oil that offer many stable jobs.

Sarnia Real Estate Trends

Sarnia has always been a popular destination for new residents, so it comes as no surprise Sarnia’s real estate market is very stable and active. Sarnia is one of the most popular cities in Canada to relocate to, due largely to its close proximity to several lakes including Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair. The average home price in Sarnia ranges from $300,000 – $400,000. Sarnia is also close to several major US markets such as Detroit and Chicago, which makes Sarnia a popular choice for those who enjoy traveling back and forth between Canada and the States.

Transportation In Sarnia

Sarnia has many different modes of transportation to suit your individual needs. The public buses go to cities such as Toronto, London, Barrie, Guelph, and Owen Sound. Sarnia’s public transit system also includes Para-Transit vehicles that can accommodate passengers with disabilities and seniors who require assistance. Sarnia bike lanes are well-maintained and the area is home to several nature trails that connect Sarnia with its neighboring city of London. Sarnia is a very walkable city and most activities are within walking distance. Sarnia is also connected with surrounding cities via Highway 402. Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport also serves locals with flights in and out of the city.

Distance to Nearby Cities

  • 88km (55 miles) to Detroit, MI
  • 89km (55 miles) to Windsor
  • 94km (58 miles) to London
  • 164km (102 miles) to Kitchener

Living In Sarnia

Sarnia has so much to do and it’s almost impossible to list them all. Sarnia offers hundreds of fun activities and events for both kids and adults. Here are just a few of our top recommendations:

  1. Canatara Park  – Sarnia is home to Canatara Park, the only national park in Sarnia. The Park is located on Sarnia Bay and contains hundreds of acres of forest. The park also has a beach, picnic area, hiking trails, and an outdoor pool.
  2. Stones ‘N Bones Museum – For Sarnia history buffs, the Stones ‘N Bones Museum is a great place to visit. The museum features Sarnia artifacts from as far back as the Civil War days. Of course, Sarnia’s natural habitat is well represented here too.
  3. Refined Fool Brewing Company – Brewery tours are becoming more and more popular these days, but Sarnians love their Sarnia-grown beer! The Refined Fool Brewing Company is a Sarnia staple. They’re famous for their Slight of Wheat Ale.
  4. Sarnia Farmer’s Market – Every Thursday, Sarnia’s Farmer’s Market is held in the Sarnia City Hall parking lot. Sarnians can purchase local produce, baked goods, and crafts. It has become a Sarnia tradition!
  5. Imperial Theatre Sarnia – The Sarnia Imperial Theatre is the city’s main venue for live entertainment. The theatre’s first performance was in 1921 with its original name of Sarnia Opera House.
  6. Mike Weir Park –  Mike Weir Park is one of Sarnia’s largest parks. It was named after Sarnia native, 2003 Masters Golf Tournament winner, and 2007 Canadian Open Golf Tournament winner, Mike Weir. Mike Weir Park has a beautiful waterfront overlooking Sarnia Bay. Enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, and walking in this beautiful park.
  7. Bayshore Park  – The Sarnia Bayshore Park is a popular park with the locals. It offers Sarnia residents and visitors access to Sarnia Bay, Sarnia’s waterfront restaurants and cafes, and a sandy beachfront with sunbathing areas and playgrounds for families. The park also includes walking trails, volleyball courts, and more!
  8. Germain Park  – Sarnia Germain Park provides visitors with a beautiful playground, football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, bocce courts, picnic tables, and more. Germain Park Sarnia also hosts Sarnia’s famous Ribfest every year!
  9. Gallery in the Grove Sarnia – The Sarnia Arts Council hosts the ‘Gallery in the Grove’ at Germain Park every summer. The Sarnia Arts Council is a non-profit organization that aims to promote Sarnia’s cultural life and bring quality art exhibitions to Sarnia. The gallery features local artists’ work and is Sarnia’s best place for Sarnians to see great local art.
  10. Centennial Park – Centennial Park is a Sarnia landmark, and gives residents access to outdoor activities such as tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and public swimming. Sarnia’s Centennial Park also has beautiful picnic sites with benches and tables that are perfect for Sarnia picnics!

Sarnia is also close enough for some fun day trips.

Sarnia Day Trips

A Sarnia day trip is an experience in itself, but Sarnia makes a great starting point for trips to other destinations. Day trips are the best way for Sarnians to visit historic sites or discover local secrets they may not have known existed! Here are some of Sarnia’s top day trips!

  1. London, ON – London is a great destination for a day trip. Sarnians can easily drive to London and spend the day exploring one of Ontario’s most beautiful cities. Your trip to London can include the famous historical sites in downtown like Westminster Palace or the Sarnia Royal Museum. Sarnia and London are linked by Sarnia Transit daily bus service, so you can still enjoy this trip if you don’t have your own vehicle!
  2. Niagara Falls – If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a day trip from Sarnia to Niagara Falls! Niagara falls is only about a three hour drive from Sarnia, and the trek is completely worth it. Sarnians can spend the day at Niagara Falls and enjoy beautiful scenery and awesome attractions like boat tours, helicopter rides, and hikes! Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders, and this once-in-a-lifetime view is just outside your backyard when you live in Sarnia!
  3. Detroit, Michigan – Detroit is an excellent day trip out of Sarnia! It’s about a 1.5 hour drive, but you’ll be rewarded with seeing one of the largest cities in America. On your day trip, make sure to visit Detroit’s famous “Dinosaur” statue and stroll along the riverfront. You may also want to see the Detroit Institute of Arts, which is one of Michigan’s top tourist attractions! Aside from the tourist must-see spots, Detroit also has many restaurants and shopping districts to enjoy. Sarnians can also visit the famous Ford Motor Company, which is one of the world’s leading automobile producers. A day trip here offers much to see, and you can be back home by dinner time!


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