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Lawrence Park North is a luxury residential enclave just north of the Toronto city centre. We call it an enclave because in these quiet, tree-lined streets, residents can find true peace and quiet in the biggest city in Canada. Whether you’re looking for a high-end townhome or a mid-century two storey house, Lawrence Park North offers some of the best homes for sale in Toronto, and might just be the most prestigious community in all of Toronto real estate. Let’s dig a little deeper into what makes Lawrence Park North so unique for its area, as well all the perks of living here.

Lawrence Park North
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18 Wanless #606
Toronto, ON M4N1V6
Lawrence Park North Subdivision
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226 Lawrence
Toronto, ON M5M1B1
Lawrence Park North Subdivision
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283 Snowdon
Toronto, ON M4N2B4
Lawrence Park North Subdivision
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More About Lawrence Park North Real Estate

Once it was clear to Canadians that Toronto was going to be a big city, developers started looking north from the urban centre to the farmland there in order to make sure that as the city expanded there’d be more than a few open areas for people to live in. Over the course of nearly fifty years, Lawrence Park North saw beautiful, compact homes rise up out of the farmland. These houses were not built to be sprawling mansions but understated, luxury, country homes, and many still remain that way today. Though the bounds of Toronto have long since overtaken Lawrence Park North, this neighbourhood still maintains that quiet, rural charm that it started its life with.

Many of the residents here are older empty nesters enjoying their retirement in one of the most conveniently located luxury neighbourhoods in Toronto. With almost all through-traffic constrained to Lawrence Avenue and Yonge street, the noise of the city doesn’t penetrate very far into this notably peaceful neighbourhood. Lawrence Park North earns the “park” in its name, as the streets here are almost overgrown with plant life. In the summer there’s plenty of shade and the hardwood trees fill your field of vision with beautiful green leaves. In the fall you can walk out your front door and take in just about every color of the rainbow, and in the winter there are still enough evergreen trees to remind you that Lawrence Park North is alive.

As this is a residential neighbourhood first and foremost, most amenities are not within walking distance. To go to the grocery store, the mall, or out to eat, you’ll need to get in your car. Though this might seem inconvenient at first, it also means that Lawrence Park North retains a “residents only” atmosphere without the need of gates or walls. For recreation you have two parks to choose from: The Blythwood Ravine Park and the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. Both parks are well connected and offer plenty of chances to ‘greenify’ your everyday life without having to head out of the city to the Ontario countryside. And if you do want to head out for the day, the 401 is only a ten minute drive away!

Closest neighbourhoods to Lawrence Park North

  • Teddington Park
  • Bridle Path
  • Sherwood Park
  • Yonge and Lawrence
  • Lytton Park

Lawrence Park North Real Estate

Lawrence Park was among Toronto’s first designer garden suburbs. Take a look at the street plan and you’ll see that this neighbourhood was designed with a vision in mind. The streets come together to form geometrically pleasing patterns and shapes that break the neighbourhood up and avoid the common grid system so widespread throughout Toronto. Owing to its development period before the widespread use of the automobile, the streets are narrower than normal. Thanks to these smaller streets, the neighbourhood feels close-knit and comfy.

These are luxury homes, meaning the average home for sale goes for over $2,000,000 and can sell for upwards of even $5,000,000. Don’t be expecting Bridle Path levels of acreage to go along with these houses. The average plot is narrow but deep, and most homes have long back yards and multiple storeys to take full advantage of the property. You’ll find plenty of Tudor style homes for sale, with plaster fronts and dark oak timber frames, and steep gabled windows to boot. Many homes for sale in Lawrence Park also have backyard pools which will come in handy under the shade on those hot Toronto summer days.

One thing you can count on Lawrence Park North is for your home’s value to stay stable. This neighbourhood has been a fixture of luxury Toronto housing for decades and offers more than just nice houses. If you come to Lawrence Park North to raise kids, they’ll grow up with connections that will serve them well later in life, and a safe, quiet neighbourhood to make those connections in.

If you’re looking for more affordable options, you can find some nice townhomes on any of the border streets of Lawrence Park North. And when we say nice townhomes, we mean the nicest townhomes you’ll find in Toronto. Townhomes for sale in Lawrence Park North usually list for a little over $1,000,000 and are great options for anyone looking to commute into the city centre but wanting to enjoy the comfort of a luxury residential neighbourhood.

Schools in Lawrence Park North

As a residential neighbourhood, and a small one at that, Lawrence Park North doesn’t have many schools to its name. That being said you can still find two highly rated public schools in the neighbourhood down on Blythwood road and secondary schools in nearby parts of the city.

  • Blythwood Junior Public School
  • Sunny View Junior and Senior Public School

Distance to Toronto Amenities

  • 5 minutes to the nearest hospital
  • 21 minutes to the Toronto pearson International Airport
  • 10 minutes to the nearest highway
  • 4 minutes to the nearest subway station
  • 5 minutes to the nearest grocery store


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