Toronto vs Los Angeles Real Estate

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Toronto vs Los Angeles Real Estate: Which city has the better quality of life? There are many factors to consider when choosing where to live. The cost of living, job opportunities, and proximity to family are just a few. When deciding between living in Toronto or Los Angeles, there is no right answer – it all depends on what you’re looking for in your next home!

What do Toronto and Los Angeles have in common?

From celebrities to food Toronto and Los Angeles are two great cities with so much in common. They both serve as sprawling and diverse major cities for people in North America and live next to huge bodies of water! One will offer you the hustle-bustle life while another has a more laid-back pace with lots to do at your fingertips! You can enjoy waterfront views or find delicious food near beaches in either city.  What makes homes for sale in Toronto better than Los Angeles real estate might vary from person to person, but we wanted to narrow it down to just the tangible facts (or close to it).

Toronto vs Los Angeles

Time Zones

There is a considerable gap in the time zones between Toronto and Los Angeles. Toronto operates at Eastern Standard Time (EST) while Los Angeles is at Pacific Standard Time (PST). Depending on who you work for, this may not be an issue, but for others, it can be, so this is something to consider.

Winner:  None

Crime Rates

Though we are comparing two large cities, the crime rates reflect differently. Believe it or not, they share similar averages, but when you put them against their country’s average, you can see they are very different. Because of this, Toronto is a safer city than Los Angeles.

Toronto Crime Rate(per 100k)

  • Total Crime 2,915 (31% below Canada’s average)
  • Violent Crime 748 (28% below Canada’s average)
  • Property Crime 2,167 (32% below Canada’s average)

Los Angeles (per 100k)

  • Total Crime 2,870 (22% above US average)
  • Violent Crime 722 (86% above US average)
  • Property Crime 2,148 (10% above US average)

Winner: Toronto


If you know anything about geography you probably know that this one is a pretty easy contest.

Los Angeles is located in a much warmer climate with temperatures varying from 68°F (20°C) in the winter to over 90°F (32°C) in the summer. Because of the mild temperatures year-round, this coastal town doesn’t see much fluctuation in seasons, and residents here don’t usually need a distinct winter wardrobe.

Toronto is in a much cooler climate with temperatures ranging from below 0°C (32°F), with cold-snaps dipping around -10°C (14°F) sometimes, to as warm as 30°C (86°F) in the summer. Because of how much the weather changes in Toronto, this city experiences all four seasons, including long summer days and few daylight hours during the winter.

Winner: Los Angeles


When researching the city of Toronto, one common theme you will find is that it’s a great place to raise children. When you start to look at the schools in Toronto, you can see why people want to raise their children here. Toronto has a high success rate!
The number of students in Toronto who earn a high school diploma is 3% more than the rest of high school students in Canada.

Toronto’s students are 55% more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than the rest of Canada!

Compare these statistics to Los Angeles, and you’ll see something starkly different.

The number of students in Los Angeles who earn a high school diploma is 10% lower than the rest of high school students in the United States.
Though graduation rates are low, Los Angeles students are still 7% more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than the rest of the US!

One thing to note is that only 432 public schools serve a population of 10,014,009 people in Los Angeles. Whereas Toronto has 1,350 public schools serving its population of 6,197,000 people.

Winner: Toronto

Real Estate

There are a lot of similarities, like high prices and celebrity homes between Toronto and Los Angeles when it comes to real estate, but there are some differences worth noting. In both cities, you can find several condos for sale starting around $200k-$300k. The difference is in single-family homes. Single-family detached homes in Los Angeles can be found as low as $300,000 (sometimes even lower).   It’s worth noting that Los Angeles does currently have more housing inventory than Toronto that much of the most affordable housing is located in less desirable areas.  Los Angeles is sprawled out a bit more and can offer more single-family homes.

Desirable locations are pretty comparable in terms of price.   However, Toronto’s city center is denser than Los Angeles and lacks the overall sprawl.    As a result, there are more high-rise condos and apartment buildings, with not near as many single-detached homes.

Winner:  Los Angeles

Cost of Living

When you compare the two cities you’ll find that Toronto is often the cheaper city to live in, as much as 20% cheaper.   However, you do need to consider how the weather might impact your bills.  While Los Angeles is more expensive, it does offer a higher salary (on average) vs Toronto.

Winner:  None

Toronto VS Los Angeles FAQ

Is Toronto more expensive than Los Angeles?

Generally speaking, Toronto is actually about 20% cheaper for items such as groceries and basic necessities.  While transportation is a bit more expensive than Los Angeles, Toronto boasts a much more robust transportation system and does not suffer from the epic traffic fails of LA.

Is Toronto bigger than Los Angeles?

Nope.   Los Angeles has more landmass and more residents than Toronto.  In fact, Los Angeles is home to almost double the number of residents as Toronto.