eXp Realty Announces July ICON Agents

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 Honorees Recognized for Achieving High Production Goals

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — July 30, 2020 — eXp Realty, one of the fastest-growing, global residential real estate companies, today announced that 73 agents were honored as eXp Realty ICON agents for July 2020.


The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award honors agents who achieve exceptional production goals and positively impact company culture. ICON status is reserved for agents who meet or exceed high production goals and operate in alignment with eXp Realty’s core values.

eXp Realty ICON agents for July 2020 are as follows:

  • Angelica Albanese, Texas
  • Emillie Albrecht, Pennsylvania
  • Patrick Alderson, North Carolina
  • Victor Alonzo, Texas
  • Mario Baez, Texas
  • Matt and Renee Beaver, Texas
  • Rob Bell, Missouri
  • Alex Blythe, Kentucky
  • Eric Bogert, Florida
  • Colin Breadner, British Columbia
  • Jamie Broderick, Michigan
  • Martie and Matt Burnett, Tennessee
  • Jenn Carr, North Carolina and Virginia
  • Tina Caul, North Carolina
  • Christian Charron, Ontario
  • Sabre Cofer, Texas
  • Steven Croy, Florida
  • Gene Darden, Alabama
  • Angelo DePaola, Alabama and Florida
  • Rick and Tracy Ellis, Missouri
  • Nicole Espinosa, Texas
  • JP Fluellen, Wyoming
  • Aileen Fountain, Alabama
  • Lisa-Marie Franco-Garcia & Jesse Garcia, Wisconsin
  • Tracy and Brandon Frans, Nebraska
  • Renee & Maic Friedrich, California
  • Janette Friend-Harrington & Doug Harrington, Texas
  • Tiffany Gelzinis, Virginia
  • Martha and Bill Givens, Alabama
  • Richard and Tara Gowen, New Hampshire
  • Marc Hansen , Oregon
  • Seth Hellinga , Iowa
  • Kristjan Higdon, California
  • Harriet and Mike Hinson, Georgia
  • Erica Hoffman and Joshua Conzemius, Arizona
  • Andrew Iremonger, Florida
  • Kristi Jencks, Arizona
  • Erik Kelly, Arizona
  • Brandon Landry, Louisiana
  • Aaron Lebovic, Colorado
  • Kaila Lindsey, North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Heather Littrell, North Carolina
  • Allison Long, North Carolina
  • Tiffany Maddux, North Carolina
  • Jose Mayol, California
  • Spencer McDuffy, Texas
  • Katie McKinney, Oklahoma
  • Robert Mitchell, California
  • Jason and Sachi Mitchell, Hawaii and Texas
  • Matthew Mittelstadt , Texas
  • Kevin Mullaney, New Mexico
  • Marc Nespoli, Pennsylvania
  • Jacob Oommen, Texas
  • Andres Ospina Rivera, Florida
  • Cory Otto, Wisconsin
  • Christina Potter, Nevada
  • Jim Pruett, Indiana and Kentucky
  • Ally Puentes, Oregon
  • Mark and Sarah Raumaker, Florida
  • Della Runnels, Oklahoma
  • Enrique Serrano, Texas
  • Robin Wilson, Oklahoma
  • Nicole Smith Woodard, Texas
  • Robert Snyder, Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • Holly and Mike Stark, Michigan
  • Amy and Spike Steinhoff, Maryland
  • Farris Tarazi, California
  • Javier Tello, Texas
  • Somer Tinsley, Texas
  • Joseph Trujillo, California
  • David Vanassche and Priscilla Distelvelt, North Dakota
  • Gay Young, Tennessee
  • Chuck Zepp, Maryland

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award provides each qualified ICON with up to $16,000 in publicly traded eXp World Holdings, Inc. common stock upon the achievement of certain production, cultural and event attendance goals. The company’s cap is presently set at $16,000. Through the program, ICONs effectively can earn up to their entire cap amount back in the form of stock. ICON agent qualification and benefit details are available in the ICON Program Overview.

About eXp Realty

eXp Realty is an eXp World Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXPI) company. eXp World Holdings also owns VirBELA.

eXp Realty, The Real Estate Cloud Brokerage, is one of the fastest-growing, global residential real estate companies with more than 30,000 agents in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. As a subsidiary of a publicly traded company, eXp Realty uniquely offers real estate professionals within its ranks opportunities to earn eXp World Holdings stock for production and contributions to overall company growth.

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