What Suburbs Are Best Outside Toronto

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Toronto is a bustling city, filled with opportunities and world-class amenities, but thriving in a massive and dynamic metro area with costly housing is not everyone’s dream. When choosing where to purchase real estate in Toronto, some homebuyers don’t mind being located farther from the city centre and tend to value more aspects such as space, a slower pace of life, good schools, and even proximity to parks and green spaces. If that resonates with you, in this blog post, we will highlight a few different suburbs outside Toronto where you can have all of that, and in some cases, more reasonably priced!

1. Hamilton

View of Hamilton.

Beautiful, livable and vibrant, Hamilton is a top choice for homebuyers looking to settle in a suburban area far from Toronto’s hustle and bustle. The homes for sale in Hamilton have average prices of over $830K (considerably below Toronto’s average), while condos start at just $300K. The diverse real estate choices in more than 100 neighbourhoods, high-end amenities, and abundance of outdoor spaces and activities make Hamilton even more desirable for almost any real estate buyer.

Hamilton is home to 721,000 people and has one of the most diversified economies in Canada as well as below-average unemployment rates. Known as the “Waterfall Capital of the World,” the city has endless green spaces and stunning landscapes due to its location on the banks of Lake Ontario and with the Niagara Escarpment bisecting the area. Aside from its scenic trails and locations, Hamilton is home to noted landmarks like the Royal Botanical Gardens, 116 unique parks, and 20 golf courses. Hamiltonians also have unlimited dining and shopping options and nightlife and entertainment opportunities at grasp.

The fastest-growing port town is so diverse; everyone can find the perfect spot to flourish here. Burkholme, Raleigh, and Bartonville are among its most established, historic neighbourhoods, but urbanites will feel right at home in communities like Durand or Landsdale. Families dreaming of a more suburban lifestyle will thrive in Westdale or Dundas where schools are great and accessible, and amenities are highly family-oriented.

Hamilton real estate is red-hot with a 28% year-over-year increase in average sold home prices. Single-family houses will cost you around $700K to $900K (for large, detached dwellings), but the condos for sale in Hamilton start at about $300K with an average of $500k for a 2-bedroom unit. That’s a highly affordable price tag near the GTA! Condo apartments are the best performing housing type in year-over-year average price gains in the region.

2. Pickering

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Pickering is a small city filled with opportunities and lakeside charm. Just 40 kilometres away from Downtown Toronto, the area highly appeals to individuals and families looking to thrive in a tight-knit community with proximity to several freeways, good schools, beaches, well-kept parks, waterfront trails, ski resorts, and vast conservation areas.

Pickering homebuyers have an eclectic mix of dwelling options to choose from, many of them waterfront! The housing stock is mainly made of single-family detached and semi-detached homes, townhouses and condominium apartments. On average, the homes for sale in Pickering cost about $1.1M, but separate properties sell for up to $1.4M.

Recently, the city’s real estate market has experienced unprecedented growth, especially in the condo sector. Condo prices soar around 40% between 2020 and 2021 in Pickering, with a unit now costing $640,000 on average, cheaper than the average Toronto condo price of $720,000. The number of modern condo development projects has increased as the town readies for a significant downtown revamp. Also, Pickering has some of the highest appreciation rates in the GTA.

3. Barrie


The beautiful city of Barrie is situated on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe’s western arm, around 90 kilometres north of Toronto. With a growing population of 140,000 people, this community is a traditional Toronto suburb and an idyllic place to call home. Barrie offers affordable housing, low crime rates, top educational and healthcare facilities, a vibrant cultural life, and many public areas and parks to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

The homes for sale in Barrie have recently increased in price, showing a healthy demand for dwellings, mostly from buyers leaving the GTA, and a tight inventory. A property in this city will set you back for about $830K on average, while condominiums will cost you about $550K. Most of the first-time homebuyers in Barrie are young couples seeking for townhomes. On the other hand, move-up homebuyers are primarily families, while retirees or downsizers purchase most condos for sale in Barrie. The city also has a booming luxury real estate market driven by recreational and move-up buyers.

Barrie has a strong economy with large employers offering jobs to the local workforce in diverse industries, from tourism to finances and technology. The city is rich in schooling options and accessible amenities in its 58 neighbourhoods. Young professionals and artists love Downtown Barrie’s or The Grove’s urban living. On the other hand, families can happily establish themselves in quiet, nature-filled communities like Holly, Letitia Heights, Tollendall, and Ardagh Bluffs.

4. Kitchener–Waterloo

Kitchener–Waterloo is one of the best spots to buy real estate in Ontario. Fastest-growing, diverse, and conveniently located around 100 kilometres west of Toronto, the area makes the perfect suburb, with its stunning natural features, well-ranked schools, innovative tech-based economy, and booming real estate market.

The Kitchener-Waterloo homes for sale are seeing huge demand lately as the area grows in both popularity and population. That translates into soaring home prices in most of both cities’ neighbourhoods. Dwellings in the area have sale prices ranging between $800K-$990K (for larger detached properties), showing an increase of 29% compared to the same time last year. Condos for sale in Kitchener-Waterloo cost about $$490K on average, while most townhouses and semi-detached dwellings are being purchased for about $700K.

Investing in Kitchener-Waterloo homes for sale is a good idea right now. The Waterloo Region keeps attracting individuals and families dreaming of suburban living, with walking distance amenities and more yard space. The area is seeing a lot of flexibility in terms of new developments and is experiencing huge demand for rental condos.

Where to live in Kitchener-Waterloo? Homebuyers looking for an exciting urban lifestyle should relocate to Uptown Waterloo or Downtown Kitchener. Families looking for the quiet atmosphere of suburbia favour areas like Idlewood or Laurelwood. Westmount and Hidden Valley are notable upscale communities, while Laurentian Hills and Lexington and University Downs are great for affordable housing.

5. Oakville

With a strong cultural heritage and beautiful waterside parks and attractions, it is easy to figure why Oakville is one of Toronto’s most popular and affluent suburbs. Sandwiched between Burlington and Mississauga, the small city is only 20 kilometres west of Toronto. Thanks to its upscale amenities, lovely neighbourhoods, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant art scene, it is considered a top entertainment and tourist destination (and a real estate investment paradise).

Oakville is packed with modern amenities but has a lovely sea village feel that has become a magnet for homebuyers. The tiny town has a population of around 190,000 and growing, which has created an increasing demand for housing, especially among families. The average home price in the city is approximately $1.5M. Investors have also seen juicy opportunities and are purchasing Oakville condos for sale at an unprecedented rate. The average condo costs $652K, considerably lower than the Toronto average.

The housing stock in Northern Oakville is mostly semi-attached or detached houses. The majority of the homes are relatively new, having been built in the late ‘90s or later. Features like pools, garages, ample driveways, and sumptuous gardens are a standard. To the south, luxury dwellings with multimillion-dollar prices abound. Homebuyers can find majestic lakefront mansions and high-end condos for sale. Most of the homes for sale in Oakville are in close proximity to shopping centres, restaurants, parks, and premium schooling options.

Oakville neighbourhoods have unique characteristics that will please any homebuyer. Old Oakville, Ford, Joshua Creek, and Morrison are excellent communities for families seeking a tranquil existence in a prestigious and elegant setting. Kerr Village and Downtown Oakville are eclectic and multicultural spots great for young individuals and couples to live an exciting life just steps away from Lake Ontario.

6. Brampton


Located northwest of Toronto City, between Mississauga, Caledon, and Vaughan, Brampton is a great place to start a new life far from Toronto’s buzzing centre but within the GTA. The welcoming suburb has plenty of parks and stunning green spaces, employment opportunities in several local industries, great public transit access, and a broad mix of schooling alternatives for families. The homes for sale in Brampton usually range from $1.1M to $3M.

Brampton’s best-valued dwellings are usually single-family detached homes, many of them sizable and with desirable features like spacious well-groomed lawns and driveways. There are lovely Victorian-style houses and single-storey bungalows in suburban areas near the city’s core. Semi-detached houses, townhomes, and condominiums can also be found in the Brampton real estate market. Condos for sale in Brampton have an average listing price of $618K for a 2-bedroom unit.

Colourful and multicultural, Brampton is home to several community events that celebrates diversity, and it’s known as “The Flower Capital of Canada.” It comprises a vibrant downtown heritage district and over 6,000 acres of parkland. Some of the best neighbourhoods in the area are Castlemore, Springdale, Queen Street Corridor, and Bramalea.

7. Oshawa

Rural and family-oriented, Oshawa is a wonderful city to raise children or escape to live a simple life in the countryside. One of the largest cities in the Durham Region is located in Southern Ontario, a commute of about 58 minutes to Toronto’s downtown. With a high living standard, crime rates way below average, less traffic congestion, and plenty of job opportunities and schools, this is a hidden gem many Torontonians are starting to appreciate.

The homes for sale in Oshawa are mostly bungalows on farmland. The majority of the dwellings in the city were built between the 1960s and 1980s. Homebuyers looking to purchase here will find average prices around $723K, which is about $300K less than Toronto’s average.

The housing stock in Northern Oshawa offers more upscale estates on large land lots, while the southern portion has a more diverse and affordable housing market. Looking to invest in Oshawa condos for sale? There are plenty of units on the market in the downtown area listed for $508K on average.

Oshawa is a picturesque city great for outdoor explorers and history enthusiasts. Its residents enjoy wandering the Parkwood National Historic Site or any of the city’s gardens and outdoor amenities, like the botanical gardens or the Zoo. The local museums, sports facilities, cafes, breweries, eateries, and shopping centres are also part of the entertainment supply residents actively enjoy.