Best Condos in North Vancouver

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When you’re thinking of buying a condo in Toronto or Vancouver, it’s better to think about the developers rather than the individual buildings. You want to do business with a developer company with a good reputation. In British Columbia, there are plenty of developers and properties to choose from and to make that choice easier, we’ve compiled a quick list of the most reputable condos and their owners in North Vancouver.

Mason by Cressey

Mason by Cressey are townhomes that have all the style and architectural finesse you’d expect out of North Vancouver with a flair of old-school charm. While paying homage to European styles, these condos are modern additions to the North Vancouver real estate market.

Mason by Cressey is located in the Norgate neighbourhood of North Vancouver. These condos are just a few minutes walk away from the stoney Capilano River and surrounded by luscious evergreen trees and crawling ivy. You’ll hardly feel like you live in a city here.

As a developer, Cressey has one of the best reputations in the entire Vancouver area. With over fifty years of experience, the Cressey Development Group has been at the forefront of housing design, with an eye towards efficiency and innovation. Their properties are smart, attractive, and welcoming.

Juniper by Polygon

Out of all the condos we’re reviewing here, Juniper might seem the most too-good-to-be-true. Nestled up in the hills around Lynn Valley, these condos are modernist while still retaining a cozy atmosphere. You can’t beat Lynn Valley for its location, especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. The mountains are never more than a mile or two from your front door, and downtown Vancouver is just twenty-five minutes away.

These condos have an open floor plan, stainless steel appliances, and stone countertops. Designed with contemporary needs in mind, these condos have built-in USB plugs to make managing your high-tech life that much easier, and if you need a break from all the gadgetry, you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon out on your deck.

Juniper’s developer is Polygon, which has been around almost as long as Cressey and has just as good a reputation in the hearts and minds of North Vancouver residents. For four decades, they’ve built tens of thousands of homes throughout British Columbia. They have expertise in everything from high rises, townhomes, single-family homes, and, of course, condos.

Origin by Anthem

Located in Central Lonsdale, these North Shore condos offer their residents sleek modern lifestyles within a few minutes drive from the natural beauty of British Columbia. The surrounding area is comfortably built up, with nice townhomes and condos that give the place a cozy atmosphere. You’re only a block away from the nearest market, and there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance here.

Origins offers Jr 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom + den homes. These layouts put function first and make sure that you not only have plenty of usable space in your home but that you can also enjoy the privacy you’d get from a single-family detached home as well.

Anthem itself is a large company of 400 employees that does its utmost to simplify real estate down to its essentials, leading to an efficient and effective business model. Compared to some other developers in North Vancouver, Anthem is the new kid on the block, founded in 1991. However, in a short frame of time, Anthem has built a reputation as a top developer in North Vancouver, and the popularity of its properties is just one sign of Anthem’s success.

North Harbour by Concert Properties

North Harbour isn’t just a condo; it’s a condo community. Located right on the waterfront, North Harbour is a 12-acre property that, when completed, is sure to wow North Vancouver residents for years to come. Far from being a residential-only venture, North Harbour aims to incorporate shopping, dining, and leisure all within the same area.

Walkability will be assured in North Harbour, not just within the community, but also with amenities only a five-minute walk away. The area plays host to a gym, a brewery, and more businesses are sure to come as the community continues to grow.

North Harbour’s developers, Concert Properties, have been in British Columbia real estate since the late ‘80s. They have experience in everything from apartments to senior living communities, as well as public sector infrastructure projects and commercial properties. More than anything, they put a strong focus on building sustainable communities that look towards the future of Canadian life.

If you prefer a more fast-paced city and want to live closer to the United States, you might want to check out condos in Toronto that offer great amenities.