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The well-known neighbourhood of Cabbagetown (officially named Cabbagetown-South St. James Town) is located downtown and is a highly desired neighbourhood for purchasing homes for sale in Toronto. Cabbagetown is bordered by the Don Valley to the east, Jarvis and Parliament Streets to the west, Bloor and Wellesley Streets to the north, and Gerrard and Carlton Streets to the south. This historic neighbourhood is home to the largest continuous area of preserved Victorian houses in North America, so if you’re looking for Victorian homes, this is the place to search. In addition, the South St. James Town area is known for its new-age high rises, so there are still other housing options if you’re wanting something different.  Read more.

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Cabbagetown-South St. Jamestown

Cabbagetown was named after the many Irish residents that moved to the area in the 1840s. Most residents at this time grew cabbage in their front yards, which later became the way the neighbourhood was named. As the 1970s approached, several affluent professionals moved to the neighbourhood, and Cabbagetown became a home for many artists, musicians, journalists, writers, and other creatives.

If you are interested in moving to Cabbagetown-South St. James Town and want to know more about the neighbourhood’s history, there is a published novel by Canadian Author Hugh Garner called Cabbagetown, which depicts life in the area during the Great Depression.

Cabbagetown-South St. Jamestown Real Estate

You can split Cabbagetown-South St. James Town into two sections for better understanding. Cabbagetown primarily comprises Victorian homes that were restored to their original beauty back in the 1970s and 1980s. Many gardens surround the homes for sale in Cabbagetown, creating a truly unique environment in comparison to the rest of Toronto.

The southern portion of St. James Town is the other section of this neighbourhood, and it’s where you’ll find luxury high-rise condos. Almost 50% of people in the neighbourhood rent, which means this is a top spot for investment properties. The average cost of a condo in South St. James Town is around $875,000.

The individual beauty of the houses mixed with the ample amount of green spaces in the neighbourhood makes it a hot spot for buying real estate, with homes only staying on the market for 8 days on average. The average home price in Cabbagetown-South St. James Town is $1,872,000, but prepare to offer a bit more since 60% of homes here sell above listing price.

Nearby Neighbourhoods to Cabbagetown-South St. Jamestown

Cabbagetown-South St. James Town Schools

There are a limited number of schools to choose from directly in Cabbagetown-South St. James Town, but the neighbourhood is so close to large Toronto areas that you’ll still have a wide array of options.


  • Sprucecourt Public School
  • Winchester Public School
  • Gabrielle-Roy Elementary School


  • Sprucecourt Public School
  • Winchester Public School


  • Jarvis Collegiate Institute
  • Riverdale Collegiate Institute


  • St. Paul Catholic School

Cabbagetown-South St. James Town Amenities

Cabbagetown-South St. James Town is pretty close to all of Toronto’s most well-known attractions, but there is also plenty to do within the neighbourhood itself. One local event that brings the neighbours together is the Cabbagetown Fall Festival that happens every September. Whether you want to go for a walk on a brisk fall day or want to cozy up somewhere with a book during the winter, Cabbagetown offers it all!


Most of the parks in Cabbagetown-South St. James Town are located on the eastern side of the neighbourhood. One of the local favourites is Riverdale Park, which features a wide variety of outdoor activities to do with the family.

Wellesley Park and Riverdale Farm are also in the area, providing beautiful gardens, trails, picnic areas, and wildlife such as ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, and pigs. There is an entry point to the Lower Don Recreation Trail from Riverdale Farm, so make sure to pack your walking shoes if you head here.


If you’re looking for more guided activities, the Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre on Parliament Street offers music, art, dance, and performance classes for children of all ages. For an excellent spot to drop the kids off for a few hours, the Cabbagetown Youth Centre provides sports, arts and crafts programs, and more! The Cabbagetown Public Library is the prime location for book-lovers in the neighbourhood. Come here to find books, comics, and movies of all genres, along with a number of fun community activities.

Shopping and Dining

The best place for shopping in Cabbagetown-South St. James Town is the shopping district on Parliament Street. Old Cabbagetown Shopping District features a variety of one-of-a-kind shops and eateries that reflect the neighbourhood’s diversity.

If this spot is too busy, go check out the Carlton Street Shopping District, which provides a similar shopping experience on a much smaller level. Gerrard Street, Wellesley Avenue, and Sherbourne Street also all have a lot of retail stores for you to choose from, ranging from grocery stores to specialty shops.

Public Transit

One of the most desirable things about Cabbagetown-South St. James Town is its walkability. This neighbourhood makes it easy to walk from place to place without problem, but if you prefer not to travel on foot, Cabbagetown has alternatives. The Parliament Streetcar and the Sherbourne Bus can bring you to the Bloor-Danforth Subway Station. The Carlton Street and Wellesley Street buses can bring you to the Yonge-University-Spadina Subway Station. From those two stations, you can basically travel anywhere in Toronto.

If you prefer to drive your own vehicle, Don Valley Parkway is 5 minutes from the heart of Cabbagetown-South St. James Town, and Toronto’s main business district is only a 10-minute drive.

Distance to Cabbagetown-South St. Jamestown Amenities

  • 15 minutes to the closest shopping mall
  • 10 minutes to the nearest hospital
  • 10 minutes to TTC Station
  • 20 minutes to GO Bus Station
  • 5 minutes to the closest highway
  • 45 minutes to Toronto Pearson Airport

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