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Looking to move out of your downtown condo for a townhome that’s still close to all of Toronto’s best nightlife? Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction is the place for you. The name might be a mouthful, but these three neighbourhoods are perfectly situated for young professionals who want some peace and quiet during the week and quick access to downtown fun on the weekends. Young families looking for homes for sale in Toronto can also find a lot to love about Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction due to its noteworthy collection of top-class schools and nearby parks, perfect for running off your kid’s energy at the end of the day.

For the last five years or so Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction has seen unprecedented growth and revitalization. We’ve put together everything you need to know to have a good understanding of the neighbourhood, so see for yourself why many people are moving to Toronto and choosing this specific neighbourhood.

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More About Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction is an old school Toronto neighbourhood with a fresh feeling. Located roughly between Bloor and Dupont Streets to the north and south, and the train tracks and Bathurst Street to the west and east, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction takes up a big chunk of Old Toronto’s northwest. If you’re familiar with the Annex or Davenport neighbourhoods, this area has roughly the same feel.

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction features quiet streets lined with mid-century walk up townhomes, many of which have been converted into apartments. The neighbourhood is known for its walkability, its great assortment of restaurants and cafés, and its excellent location for anyone looking to commute into Toronto or around the rest of the GTA.

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction Real Estate

Over the last five years, all property types in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction have seen close to 50% appreciation in home values. This is evidence of the wave of prosperity that has been sweeping through Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction in recent years. But don’t worry about being priced out of the neighbourhood.

Homes for sale in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction list for an average of $1.3 million, which is actually less than the regional average. Most of these homes are condos and townhomes, but you can still find a few single-family detached homes throughout the neighbourhood. Single-family homes for sale in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction tend to list higher than their condo and townhome counterparts, at around $1.8 million on average. These homes tend to be located towards the edges of the neighbourhood.

Don’t feel too stressed about finding a home for sale in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction. Properties have a listing period of an average 18 days, which is relatively high for the Toronto area.

Schools in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

Though at first glance, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction might seem more like a young professional’s neighbourhood, plenty of families with young children are moving in to take advantage of the fantastic local school options. We’ve compiled a brief list of the top schools in the area to give you a taste of what Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction has to offer education-wise.

Dovercourt Public School (Primary)
228 Bartlett Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3G4, Canada

Palmerston Avenue Junior Public School (K-6)
734 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, ON M6G 2R4, Canada

St. Sebastian Catholic School (K-8)
717 Brock Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3P1, Canada

Perth Avenue Junior Public School
14 Ruskin Ave, Toronto, ON M6P 3P8, Canada

Living in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction is a middle ground between the dense urban jungle of condos that is downtown Toronto and the vast plains of suburban housing that make up most of the GTA. Young professionals look at Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction as a sort of base-camp where they can relax and let their guard down in between weekend excursions to the fast-paced down nightlife. Young families look at Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction as a great place to raise their kids in a city environment that is safe and nurturing for them.

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction has seen lots of immigration over the last few decades, which has been a blessing for any foodies moving into the area. Go up to Dupont St or down on Bloor, and you’ll find ethnic restaurants galore, serving high quality food that you’ll be thankful you can just walk to.

Did we mention walking? Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction scores high on its walkability, with city amenities never being more than a ten-minute stroll from just about any place in the neighbourhood. You can easily afford to sell your car and save a ton of money by biking or walking just about anywhere you need to go if you choose to live in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction.

Ultimately, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction is a self-sustaining Toronto neighbourhood offering all the city amenities you could ever expect, with an added layer of cultural sensitivity and variety, and all within walking distance.

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction Amenities


Though Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction is super walkable, public transportation in this neighbourhood is as good as it gets in Toronto. Go down any north-south street to Bloor St. and you’ll find a metro stop. Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction even has a GO station, meaning you can easily commute to virtually any corner of the GTA, including cities like Mississauga and Hamilton.


The big streets in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction, Bloor and Dupont, both feature plenty of grocery stores and specialty shops that you’ll be frequenting on a weekly basis. Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction is also home to two malls, Galleria Shopping Centre on Dupont St. and Dufferin Mall near the west end of the neighbourhood. Both malls are large enough, so you could live in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction for ten years and not get tired of window shopping.


All three neighbourhoods in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction feature parks and parkettes, the largest of which is Christie Pits Park. This park features a baseball diamond, a public pool, and even an outdoor skating rink which will come in handy during the long Ontario winters.

FAQ about Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction, Toronto, ON

Where is the nearest airport?

Toronto Pearson International Airport is about 17 km from Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction.

What is the postal code in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction?

M6H is the postal code in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction.

What is the average house price in Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction?

1.4 million dollars.

Where is the nearest hospital?

Toronto Western Hospital  is about 4.4 km or 11 minutes from the centre of Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction.

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