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The vibrant and growing neighbourhood of Wexford-Maryvale is located in Toronto’s east end, and it’s one of the best places to live in the Scarborough district. Wexford-Maryvale is a desirable blend of city and suburbia. The area has some popular malls and bustling commercial areas operating near residential clusters of charming all-brick bungalows on tree-lined streets. As a result, residents enjoy a relaxed ambiance not far from top-of-the-line amenities, well-kept parks and recreational facilities, and plenty of top-ranking schools. Plus, it’s a short commute to the 6ix! If you’re checking houses for sale in Toronto, Wexford-Maryvale is worth considering.

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80 Ellesmere Road #2
Toronto, ON M1R4C2
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85 Ellesmere Road #66
Toronto, ON M1R4B8
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1249 Warden
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2152 Lawrence #607
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More About Wexford-Maryvale Real Estate

Wexford-Maryvale is a Scarborough neighbourhood that occupies the narrow stretch between Highway 401 and Eglinton Avenue north to south, and Birchmount Road to Victoria Park Avenue east to west. While they may appear separately in certain lists and documents, the areas of Wexford and Maryvale conform to a single subdivision.

The Maryvale area, located north of the neighbourhood, started as part of the Village of Ellesmere, a prosperous farming hamlet, around 1800. It was named after the Maryvale Farm, famed for horse breeding and rearing. The southern (and bigger) portion of the neighbourhood, Wexford, was founded in the mid-19th century as a crossroad hamlet around The Rising Sun Inn, a popular establishment owned by Irish native Richard Sylvester.

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Wexford-Maryvale Real Estate Market

Over the last few years, home prices in Wexford-Maryvale have risen at a similar rate to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Like most cities and neighbourhoods in the GTA, home values appear to be returning to the pre-pandemic appreciation levels in the area.

The homes for sale Wexford-Maryvale are still on the affordable side of the pricing spectrum, making it a great neighbourhood for first-time homebuyers. Properties switch hands in Wexford-Maryvale for about $1.3M, approximately 12% below Toronto’s average. About 73% of the dwellings in this community sit on the market for under ten days, and 82% sell above the asking price.

You can find plenty of houses constructed before the ’60s in Wexford-Maryvale, the majority of them being single-family detached homes (in the form of red-brick post-war bungalows or two-storeys) on generous lots with three to four bedrooms to comfortably accommodate every family member. Standard features are private driveways, garage space, and well-maintained lawns, gardens, and backyards.

Additional housing alternatives in the area include townhouses, duplexes, and comfy, large condos in mid and high-rise buildings located mostly on the community’s outskirts. The price of a unit in this neighbourhood ranges from $628K to $799K. Nearly 60% of the residents in Wexford-Maryvale own their homes rather than rent.

Wexford-Maryvale Schools In Toronto

Wexford-Maryvale educational institutions are so plentiful residents have a good school nearby no matter where their home is located in the neighbourhood. There are roughly 20 well-regarded schools to choose from in the area, most of them supervised by the Toronto District School Board, Canada’s biggest school district. Students have the option to study in public, private, Catholic, and French-Language schools, from PK through 12th Grade. Here is a list of some of the best schools in this community:

Elementary & Middle

Terraview-Willowfield Public School
95 Pachino Blvd, Scarborough, ON

Maryvale Public School
1325 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON

Buchanan Public School
4 Buchanan Rd, Scarborough, ON

Manhattan Park Junior Public School
90 Manhattan Dr, Scarborough, ON

Wexford Public School
1050 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON

George Peck Public School
1 Wayne Ave, Scarborough, ON


Parkview Alternative School
1641 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON

Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts
1176 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON


Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic School
10 Japonica Rd, Scarborough, ON

St. Kevin Catholic School
15 Murray Glen Dr, Scarborough, ON


Toronto Scholars’ Collegiate
41 Metropolitan Rd, Scarborough, ON

Bond Academy
1500 Birchmount Road, Scarborough, ON


ÉÉC Sainte-Madeleine
1 Ness Dr, North York, ON

É Élém Jeanne-Lajoie
150 Carnforth Rd, North York, ON

Living In Wexford-Maryvale, Toronto

Wexford-Maryvale is a livable, close-knit community located in the heart of Toronto. Continue reading to discover more about life in this neighbourhood:

  • Wexford-Maryvale is home to a diverse population of over 28,000, including families, couples, young professionals, and retirees.
  • There are approximately 30 close-by parks and open green spaces for outdoorsy residents to enjoy, including Scarborough Hydro Green Space and Wexford Hydro.
  • Although the streets tend to be quiet, some sections of Wexford-Maryvale can be noisy, particularly near Highway 401 and the railway line.
  • Wexford-Maryvale was named one of Toronto’s top 10 neighbourhoods in a research conducted by the University of Toronto in 2013.
  • This area of Scarborough is especially appreciated for its unique malls, plazas, and commercial zones.

Parks & Recreation

This community offers a wide variety of parks and recreational opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a place to hike, exercise, play tennis or just have a relaxing stroll among lush greenery, this Scarborough nook has it all. Keep reading to learn more:

  • Ashtonbee Reservoir Park: This is a 9.2-hectare park on top of Ashtonbee Reservoir, containing some of Toronto’s water supply. Located east of the Gatineau Hydro Corridor, this park boasts multipurpose sports fields and cricket pitches. Additional amenities can be found in the connected Wexford Park, including recreational areas like a children’s playground, shaded lawns for picnics, and two softball diamonds.
  • Gatineau Hydro Corridor: This trail has undergone several restoration efforts, and it’s part of an ongoing initiative called the Meadoway. The project consists of connecting 15 parks, four ravines, and 30+ neighbourhoods, allowing cyclists and pedestrians to go from the Don River East to Rouge National Urban Park. Currently, residents can access the corridor and visit a number of nearby parks, including Wexford Hydro and Scarborough Hydro Green Space.
  • Terraview Park & Willowfield Gardens Park: Each of these adjacent parks has a pond and wetlands to promote aquatic habitats that help students from local schools develop planting and water quality projects. The successful integration of these two parks earned them an award from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects in 2002.
  • Ellesmere Park + Ellesmere Community Centre: This small 4-hectare park is a huge local favourite. Situated on Ellesmere and Warden Avenue, it offers visitors a multipurpose sports field, a skateboard park, and a children’s play area. The Ellesmere Community Centre is on the premises featuring a year-round educational program for kids of different ages and abilities.

Shopping & Dining

From its upscale dining options to open-air farmers’ markets, Wexford-Maryvale is a foodies and shoppers playground renowned in Scarborough for its abundant retail opportunities in many retro-style malls and plazas. Stretching along Eglinton Avenue and east of Victoria Park Avenue is The Golden Mile Plaza, one of Toronto’s major power centres and big-box shopping districts. In the centre of the neighbourhood, Wexford Heights Plaza offers anything from ethnic restaurants to trendy boutiques. Heading west on Ellesmere Road, Parkway Mall stands out with its old-fashioned architecture, a plethora of independent businesses, and community services.

Healthcare Facilities

Wexford-Maryvale is a popular choice for neighbours needing convenient access to high-quality care. Being near Sunnybrook Hospital, Hillside Medical Centre, Lawrence Victoria Park Medical Centre, and even The Scarborough Hospital, residents can rest assured knowing they have world-class medical institutions accessible to them.

Public Transit

Wexford-Maryvale is fairly walk-friendly since active residents are more than capable of handling daily errands by foot. The neighbourhood provides quick access to several major highways (401) and roads for car owners or users of ride-sharing services as well. Wexford-Maryvale is also well-connected by public transit options, with 10+ bus lines running through and around the community.

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