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On a map, Danforth Village might look like just a small sliver of East York. In reality, this neighbourhood is almost unbeatable with its proximity to amenities and things to do. Nearby bus stops and metro stations make it easy to get around the city. Though downtown is close by, it’s easy to live the urban lifestyle of your dreams in Danforth Village. This neighbourhood has a wide variety of properties in and around the area, ranging from condos, duplexes, and single-family homes. If you’re looking for a home for sale in Toronto that allows you to live a car-free lifestyle, then Danforth Village is the place for you.

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More About Danforth Village

Form follows function in Danforth Village. This neighbourhood puts convenience above everything else. Being small, you’re never more than a five-minute walk away from Danforth Avenue, the street that has just about every store and business you need to live an urban life.

Though Danforth Village doesn’t look like a quaint, retro Ontario dreamland, it still has all the characteristics you’d expect from an actual village: it’s small, community-focused, and self-reliant. You don’t have to hop in your car and drive 20 minutes through traffic to get groceries or go to the gym.

Danforth Village has about a 200-year history, starting out as a little crossroads outside Toronto and developing into a bustling suburb by the 1930s. Nowadays, it’s been absorbed fully by Toronto and forms the utmost edge of its east end. Though small, Danforth Village has a reputation for its diversity which is expressed in the head-spinning variety of its restaurants, small businesses, and grocery stores.

Danforth Village Real Estate

Most of Danforth Village’s semi-detached houses are found in the northern part of the neighbourhood. These homes are typically made of brick, rather narrow, and sport nice front porches. Most of these homes were built pre-1950’s and list around the $1,000,000 mark. You can also find several duplexes and condos for sale north of Danforth Ave. that list around $750,000 to $900,000.

Head south across Danforth Ave, and you’ll run into homes for sale more reminiscent of modern Toronto. These homes are more ornate, taller, and wider than their northern counterparts. Homes for sale here tend to list for around 1.5 million.

If you’re looking for condos in Danforth Village, you can find several tower properties all along Danforth Avenue going for around the $500,000-$600,000 range, which is a great deal for condos in Toronto in general.

Overall, Danforth Village has a healthy real estate market that seems to be settling back into pre-Covid growth trends. Homes usually sell within ten days of being put on the market and, as we’ll soon see, these sales are driven by the livability of the neighbourhood itself. Whether you’re just moving to the area or trying to find a new home in Toronto, Danforth Village is a great place to put down roots.

Schools in Danforth Village, Toronto

Due to its small size, there are no schools within the strict boundaries of Danforth Village. However, the surrounding area has plenty of schools to choose from. Most of the schools around Danforth Village come under the supervision of the Toronto District School Board and, bear in mind, where you live determines where your kids go to school. Here are some of the top schools near Danforth Village.

Secord Elementary School (PK-5)
101 Barrington Ave, East York, ON

Community Life Christian School
140 Dawes Rd, East York, ON

Gledhill Junior Public School 
2 Gledhill Ave, East York, ON

Beacon of Light Private Elementary School (1-8)
2195 Gerrard St E Toronto, ON

Life in Danforth Village


If you live in Danforth Village you have quick and easy access to several parks, walking trails, a baseball field, and even a gym! Maryland Park is just a couple of blocks off Danforth Ave and hosts three tennis courts as well as a playground for kids. Close by is Dentonia Park with its very own baseball field and soccer pitch, as well as plenty of grass space to relax in the summer and throw a frisbee around with your friends.

Head a little farther north and check out Taylor Creek Park. Taylor Creek park is a natural beauty, a vein of greenery that cuts through the dense residential streets of east Toronto. Walk along Taylor-Massey creek and get a breath of fresh air and break from the busy atmosphere of the city.

If you’re looking to get those gains, get a membership at the LA fitness near the corner of Victoria Park and Danforth. If you want to hit a few holes after work, the Dentonia Park Golf Course has you covered.


Whether you need groceries, dry goods, home improvement tools, or even a new chain for your bike, the shops along Danforth Avenue will have it all in spades. As for transportation, Danforth Village has an active bus system and several stops along the main street, and at the far west end of the neighbourhood is their TTC metro stop. Whether you need to move around the area or get downtown fast, you should have no trouble with transportation in Danforth Village.

The Food

The restaurants in Danforth Village merit special attention. If it has ever been made or eaten in the Mediterranean or the Middle East, you can find a restaurant serving it somewhere on Danforth Avenue. Not only can you find tons of restaurants serving authentic food ranging from India to Morocco, you can also find several grocery stores that sell all the ingredients you’ll need to make that food yourself!

FAQ about Danforth Village in Toronto

What’s the local population?

The Danforth Village population is 9,481

What’s the local zip code in The Danforth Village, Toronto?

The Danforth Village zip code is M4J

Where is the nearest airport in The Danforth Village, Toronto?

The nearest airport to Danforth Village is Toronto Pearson International Airport which is 35 km away

Which part of Toronto is Danforth Village located in?

Danforth Village is located in East York

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